Interactive Installations and software development


Interactive installations and content creation are our main specializations for the past 8 years.
We started from OpenFrameworks and Processing. Now we use TouchDesigner and Unity3d as our main tools.

Our experience include:

  • multiscreen content playback with optional timecode sync
  • projection mapping on complex shapes
  • user interaction using Kinect, IR and Color cameras, Lidar scanners etc.
  • motion-tracking, skeletal-tracking
  • face tracking and facial expression detection
  • generative content (particle systems that reacts to motion for example)
  • touch-detection on large surfaces using Lidar scanners (we have developed software that translate raw Lidar data to TUIO protocol) 
  • DSLR-camera control (remote shutter control, change settings and retrieve photo from camera)
  • DMX-control
  • pixel-mapping for RGB Led strips
  • RaspberryPi, Arduino + sensors (encoders, relays, switches etc) 
  • network communication between systems (OSC, Websockets)
  • MoCap using Lidar cameras
  • registration systems for events (RFID, QR)
  • Web-sites and backend development (Angular, Node.js, AWS, Firebase)
  • Augmented reality (Spark AR, Vuforia)
  • Mobile app development (Swift, Flutter, native Android)
  • chat-bots (Telegram)
  • hardware production (constructions for our installations, decorations etc)
  • 3d-modeling for 3d-printing and production
Mapping portraits
Interactive map
Holographic Pyramid
Emotion Scanner
Magic Paint
Интерактивный ведущий